The PGAS-1 is part of our PG Collection and is a high-performance traditions LED wall sconce.


The PGAS-1 – part of our PG-Collection, is a high-performance architectural LED wall sconce with the flexibility to be used on all outdoor lighting applications. Its traditional design takes advantage of the low profile LED technology and superior thermal management allows for an L70 of 100,000+ hours. Combining specification grade performance optics and industry-leading LED technology. With three different IES light distribution patterns and cast aluminum construction that provides years of reliable operation, the PGAS-1 is ideal for any site.

Key Features

  • Cast Aluminum Housing
  • T2, T3 & T4 OPTICS
  • 1,000 + lumens
  • 17 – 26 Watts
  • 120- 480 Volt
  • Amber 590 nm wavelenght
  • Dimming Capable
  • Button Type Photocell
  • Title 24 Motion Sensor



Model prefix: PGAS-1

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