We are pleased to offer a whole new look to the BOW SX & LX Family of products and the Highest Lumen Package ever!
The new and Improved BOW LX & SX Series now comes available with an optional Decorative Shroud that adds an architectural element to the whole product line.  In addition improvements have been made to the overall design of the product to insure IP-65 Compliance especially relative to Moisture Intrusion.  Most exciting is the new Lumen Package of the BOW LX Series which now offers output of up to 110,000 Lumens and Efficacies up to 150 Lumens per watt ! All of these new photometric files are now available on our web site.  We also now have DLC Listings on all of these BOW LX products as well.
We are excited to add  a new offering to this family of products. The New BLX-3 can provide over 34,000 Lumens at 338 Watts for an excellent replacement for 400 watt traditional fixtures.  DLC listings are under way for this exciting new product.
Think of the endless possibilities for this high Lumen family of products ranging from Auto Dealerships, Shopping Centers, High Mast Applications, and General Area Lighting.

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