Our new Array LED Light engine utilizes the latest LED technology wherein 1 traditional LED chip is replaced by 4 new LED hips each operating at a lower milliamp drive current while driving the entire board at a higher drive current. The results are cooler operating temperatures allowing for longer lifetimes of the LEDS and higher overall lumen output.

  • Newest Array LED technology
  • Higher Lumen efficiency
  • More LEDS
  • Thermally balanced board
  • Lower current to each LED
  • Lower PCB temperature
  • New optics
  • IP66 rated optical assembly
  • Quick disconnect boards


The Array LED Light engine uses four times as many LEDS that are each less bright by 25%, spread evenly around the same sized LED board. This configuration results in reduced glare and makes the luminaire much more comfortable to view.

  • ~50% glare reduction
  • 128 Array LEDS
  • Output spread over 4 LEDS
  • Lower current to each LED
  • Higher LPW efficiency
  • DLC premium
  • New 1.4, 1.2 and 1 amp operation


The Array configuration spreads heat over 4 LEDS while running at 10˚C cooler operating temperature. This results in a longer LED life, a longer L70 on the fixture, and higher overall efficiency.

  • Superior thermal management
  • 128 Array LEDS
  • Heat spread over 4 LEDS
  • 10˚C cooler operating temperature
  • Longer life of LED
  • Longer L70 on fixture
  • Higher efficiency

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