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Visionaire Lighting is an industry leader with more than 15 years of experience transforming automotive dealerships with high-performance and modern energy saving LED technology.

Auto Dealership Lighting Luminaires

Visionaire Lighting is an industry leader with more than 15 years of experience transforming automotive dealerships with high-performance lighting design, one-of-a-kind optics, and modern energy saving LED technology. Visionaire fixtures feature cutting edge LED optics specifically designed for dealership lighting. Whether designing a custom retrofit project or managing new construction, Visionaire Lighting provides state-of-the-art technology and architectural styling for reliable results and superior customer satisfaction.

Visionaire Lighting manufacturers specification-grade LED outdoor lighting fixtures & poles. We specialize in Automotive Dealership Lighting, and have unique patented optical systems that are designed exclusively for the Automotive Dealership Market.

Visionaire is always advancing its LED technology, and has enhanced capabilities in design, testing, manufacturing, and quality assurance. Visionaire Lighting’s Design and Applications Department utilizes cutting edge technology to provide our customers with complete engineering assistance and site-specific photometrics to layout your site perfectly and ensure complete satisfaction.

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    Case Study: Chino Hills Ford

    78% reduction in lighting energy costs $2,500.00 in reduced annual maintenance costs $42,100.00 – rebate received from utility 62.3% – customer’s return on investment (ROI) $628,629.00 – 10 year cash flow improvement 428 tons of CO2 reduced, enough to power 47 homes annually

    Case Study: Duval Acura

    Duval Acura changed out a total of 220 1000W HID fixtures and 32 400W floods. Using one of our highest performing and energy efficient LED luminaires, the BOW LX, we were able to replace quads with doubles and doubles with singles cutting down overall fixture count by 57% and the wattage by 74%. Duval Acura received a rebate of $26,000 reducing cost and resulting in better lighting, more sales and reduced annual energy.

    Case Study: Morton Grove Audi

    When buying a car at McGrath Audi; a premier dealership in Chicago, not only are you buying excellence in a car, you are visiting a pristine automotive dealership. When renovating their lot, McGrath needed an LED fixture that was as aesthetically pleasing as the cars it was showing off. And of course the best fixture for the Job was our VLX.

    Case Study: Oxnard Lexus

    On a street strewn with dealerships, Oxnard Lexus wanted a fixture that would help them stand out among the rest. Not only did they want to look brighter and newer, they wanted to save energy while also qualify for the utilities incentive program. Worried about sacrificing light for energy savings, they came to us with questions. We answered with the BLX.

    Case Study: Elgin Honda

    Our internal team of photometric specialist’s was able to design a lot tailored to do just this using our VLX. Using our patented optics we were able to cut out almost half of the fixtures Elgin thought they would need with HID lighting. The layout offered them the fewest fixtures while giving them an immensely large Lumen output, while also working with our controls team to design controls for greater adjust-ability. Now, come rain, snow or nightfall, Elgin Honda now has the power to be seen at all times of the day as well as all times of the year.

    Case Study: Devoe Subaru & Buick

    Replacing old 1000 Watt HID fixtures, with 564 Watt LED BLX fixtures we were able to give them a significantly brighter lot, while also reducing their power consumption by almost 50%.

    Case Study: Morton Grove Acura

    Replacing 72 fixtures that were previously 1000 Watt Pulse Start with new 359 Watt LED VLX fixtures, we were able to reduce their wattage usage by 721 Watts per fixture.

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